Mistress Emma


Mistress Emma

I surrender

I SURRENDER! It was International Women’s Day when my Mistress send me a message ordering me to come and to serve her. What a privilege to serve her on this special day where women all around the world are to be worshipped and adored. With a small tasteful gift in my hands, I knocked on the door of Mylady’s studio. She opened the door and I could see she was furious and she ordered me to leave. As I had no idea what I did wrong I asked her what had happened, which mistake did I make to make her so angry. She refused to answer and told me to leave. If not, the consequences would be for me. I begged her, “let me stay! I will take whatever consequences it may have.” It is your choice she said. Like always you have a choice, but not serving your mistress is not a choice! I stepped in and she ordered me to undress and while I was doing that she shouted at me that “all men are the same”. She slapped my face and explained what had happened: a slave did not show up at his appointment and did not […]


Owned by Mistress Emma

I’am owned by my Mistress, called Mistress Emma. I met my Mistress in September 2016 for the first time. She took my mind & body, and recently I signed the BDSM contract with my Mistress. Now she owns all the rights on my body, mind and soul. She can do what ever she wants with me. I just so glad that I’am her number one slave. I’am so proud to have the great privelidge to serve her. My name is Mistress Emma, I’am a professional Mistress who offers SM sessions for all my slaves. I offer the possibillity to make slave contracts. That means I own your body, mind and soul. If you are interessted take contact in a very polite way to me. I like to work with the beginners, and like to walk you into the magic world on BDSM. I also like to work with experienced slaves, and bring them to a higher level in this magic world of BDSM. Are you looking aguidance? Do you need someone to teach you how to behave? Or do you want to go to the next level? Do you want to discouvre your own bondaries and to cross them afterwards? […]



Sorry Mistress Emma

MY GREATEST FEAR! On my way to meet Mistress Emma I stopped at the flower shop to buy her black roses. I needed at least a present to bring my Mistress in a good mood as I knew I had been so stupid: I had looked, just out of curiosity, at the website of another mistress and I know I had to tell her. Honesty, that is what Mistress Emma wants from me so I had to come clean and take the consequences of my stupid behaviour. She immediately knew something was wrong, she saw it in my eyes. I stuttered and tried to hide my shame but she demanded the honest answer: what have you done, my slave! I told her I had looked at the pictures of another mistress. The disappointment in her eyes made me feel so small, I had betrayed her. I was no longer worthy of her attention. Mistress Emma told me she wants to send me away but I went down on my knees and begged for a second chance. Mistress Emma looked at me and said she would think about giving me one last chance to show my devotion to her but I […]

Website Mistress Emma!

Website Mistress Emma Mistress Emma has uploaded her profile to kinky and sexjobs. Now she decided to publicized her own website www.mistress-emma.nlIn het website you can find information, pictures, rates and the last news about Mistress Emma. Also she published her English website on www.mistress-emma.com. Mistress Emma is a professional Mistress with her dungeon in den Haag. She offer different kind of BDSM sessions from very soft to extermenly hard BDSM. Mental games are not just possible with her butnecessary. She will let you come into her room, then she will let you explain what your fetishes and desires are. Then Mistress Emma will let you know which of them she will make come truth today. If you are a beginner and you are not sure what to expact dont you worry, she have plenty of games spetially for a beginners. With her you can walk into a new world full with fetishes and fantasies. Mistress Emma is open minded. Mistress Emma can bring you to the pure heaven or hell. That deppends on your behavior durring the session. Mistress Emma have a very important rolle – LISTEN AND OBEY SLAVE!!! YOU ARE HERE TO SERVE ME! YOU ARE HERE […]

A session with Mistress Emma

A session with Mistress Emma I parked my car nearby the church and walked in a nice neighborhood. At the given adres I ring at the door. “Come in Reem, I will bring you to Mistress Emma”. In the studio at the first floor I saw this young, blonde very sexy Mistress. “Hello slave, I’am Mistress Emma” “‘You can clean yourself in the shower, when you ready you know how to wait for your Mistress.” I had showerd already but I didn’t dare not to shower again. After the shower I looked around the studio when i kneel down and put my arm in position. a cross, a bondage rack, with sling and a bondage bed, was what I saw when I heard to firm heels of Mistress Emma on the stairs. “close your eyes slave, and listing very carefully, I will tel only once” The voice of Mistress Emma is very special, she makes you listen. She told me about the save words and tell me to stand up for the cross. With a simple movement of her hand she clicked me to the cross and started to inspect me. “So slave you told me, that you wanted me […]